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We love nature                                   We are thinking about what we eat                                       we do the right thing.....


Handmade natural food/the best ingredients – we use only fresh and healthy ingredients the highest quality. MADE TODAY – GONE TODAY

We are a family company from Trutnov.
All our product are free of artificial preservatives and colourings, different chemical stabilizers or emulsifiers.

The products are naturaly gluten free and some of them are suitable for different types of diet because they are low energy and low glycemic index.

Our products are proof that even sterilization and food pasteurization can make honestly from quality ingredients while respecting environment.

We are thinking about food and strive for the greatest possible preservation of healthy substances in all our products.

We focus on production of healthy vegetarian dish which is for people who are thinking about what they eat.

All our products are handmade and processed using by the most modern technologies which are friendly to nature.

When we are dissatisfied with products so we donate them to the charities where our products help.


A short presentation of our products appear tasty and healthy nourishment…

OUR HEALTHY BROTHS – SOUPS – VEGETABLE PUREE – ALL LOW-FAT- ideal for weight loss, different types of diet and healthy lifestyle.

We offer overpowering vegetable broths/soups/puree/ all made from tasty vegetable which is full of vitamins, they are nutritious and tasty.

They contain vitamins A, E, C, B3, B5, B6, B9, carotenoids Beta carotene, lycopene,lutein, zeaxanthin.


Pure vegetable broth and broth  SPICY (with chilli pepper)
As the first in Czech Republic we bring sterilized pure vegetable broth, suitable for vegetable bases for legumes, sauces and risottos or to prepare a variety of soups. We offer it also in the variant with hot chilli pepper Teja which is gastronomical unique object. You can just heat and eat it. The expiration date is 12 months.




It is a vegetable broth with slices of fresh vegetable.


Vegetable puree

It creates an ideal base for pastas, soups, vegetable mixtures, tomatoe soups, sauces, pepper stew etc.


Loaded dried tomatoes with herbs and garlic

We prepared it from the San Marzano variety, which is a delicacy on the tables champions of gastronomy.


Clarified butter Ghee

It is prepared according to the recipes of our grandmothers. Suitable for baking and stewing. It does not burn down.


We prepare

Quality sea salt and delicate sea salt saline blossom / Fleur de sel / high mineral content intended for all gourmands.

Sale of sea salt from Portugal, which is still exclusively manually processed on bank of the Atlantic Ocean.

Salt is without any artificially added substances and has the certificate of the highest quality Certiplanet and Sativa. In the offer soon.




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Our products

Our products

* We are an original family factory with healhty vegetarian food from Trutnov.

* We produce soups – vegetable puree - vegetable broths – dried tomatoes – butter Ghee.

* All our products are handmade.

* Every used ingredients are in the highest quality.

* We use only gentle sterilization.

* Products are tested by ourselves and our children.

* All products are without preservatives, emulsifier and artificial colours.

* Products are controlled in laboratories.

* We ensure absolute cleanliness in production.

* Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

* We do NOT use GMO ingredients.

* We do NOT use palm oil.

* Expiration date is 12 months.

* We guarantee the quality.

* 100% organic.


Siam thai massage - Nabízíme profesionální masérské služby prováděné rodilými thajskými masérkami certifikovanými těmi nejprestižnějšími masérskými školami